About Us


Established since 1995, we are a proud Malaysia (IT) company focused on all our customers' needs and wants about Computer & Electronics products including software, hardware, printers, LCD monitor, speakers, networking, peripherals and accessories. From the humble beginning, we have come a long way. The support that we receive from our customers has been the most encouraging. 


To date, with nearly 30 years of experience under our belt, we are not only confident in our abilities to give our customers a wonderful experience, but we are also confident in saying that we have become a household name for all walks of life in and around Malaysian when it comes to IT.


Here at Jayacom, we offer a wider range of IT products such as hardware, genuine software, printers, LCD monitor, networking, accessories from most of the major brands in the IT industry such as: Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Kingston, Sandisk, Western Digital, Seagate, LG, Canon, Samsung, Asus, Hewlett-Packard, etc... Hence, with all our expertise and experience, we are able to recommend the best solutions to all our customer’s requirements.


In addition to our ongoing nationwide expansion, Jayacom is now expanding online. With a strong growing presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and recently e-commerce platform such as Shopee and Lazada, Jayacom aims to reach into every home, office, and individual in Malaysia, providing unsurpassed convenience and service to the tech-savvy consumer of today.


*We will keep improving and provide the highest standard of services to our customers to ensure a guaranteed satisfaction.*



Your Leading and Trusted Retailer – Highly Recognized Nationally


Undeniable specialist in computer and electronics products for over 25 years, Jayacom is highly recognized as a leading retailer in Computer & Office Technology in Malaysia and has achieved many and will continue to improve and grow stronger.



Product Review Rating 4.83/5 from over 6000 reviews



900+ Brands and 50,000+ Products


Jayacom provides high convenience with a wide range of computer & electronics products as well as high in-stock availability of the most popular products. We do offer Custom PC that suit you and any special customer requirements.




At Jayacom, we prioritize customer satisfaction over everything else. We always aim to provide you with a great shopping experience. At each of our stores, you can be assured of well-trained sales associates who can answer your questions and guide you to the best choices and solved your IT problems.




To see Jayacom known as a leading IT supplier and solution provider at international level across the globe. We will continue to grow and improve our customer services and satisfaction of our customers will always be our priority.


Our teams are readily available to listen, answer your questions, give you tech advice, tailor your special requirements and ensure your satisfaction with us. At Jayacom, we are always happy to assist you all the time. Contact us now!