Don’t put up with a cracked, smashed or broken laptop screen any longer. Jayacom is the stress-free solution. We repair almost all brands of laptop, notebook, and ultra-book at affordable prices. Your laptop will be repaired and then returned to your hand hassle free. It’s that simple! Get a free quote and have your laptop screen replaced immediately!




Battery not lasting as long as it used to? Tired of looking for a power outlet whenever you bring your laptop out? Well look no further, we have just the solution for you, just bring your laptops down to our physical stores or send us a text or PM for an inquiry on battery replacements.


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If your PC is acting strange or it's not working as intended, no matter how big or how small you think the issue may be, send it over to our store and have it professionally checked. Our on-site technical team will find out the issue and give you their professional advice.

If you’re thinking about improving the speed and performance but not sure what to do about it? Our technical team will have a complete diagnostic of your PC and advise you on which parts to upgrade and swap for the optimal performance your PC can output.


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Is your PC outputting more heat than before, or showing signs of slowing down? Then it’s time for a deep cleaning. Send your PC over and we’ll make it sparkle and some might say looking as good as new.


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